Carrie Mae Weems

Things Said About the Artist

Dazed and confused by the possibilities of life, Catwoman turns to a friend and says: “What am I going to do with my life?” and the friend replies, “Well you could always be an artist like Carrie Mae Weems.”

- Halle Berry as Catwoman

“Weems has long been one of our most effective visual and verbal rhetoricians. When she tackles complex subjects in complex ways, the results are . . . deeply stirring.”

- Holland Cotter, The New York Times

“. . . one of the most honored American artists of her generation. Weems asks inconvenient questions and comes up with unwelcome answers. For that alone, no contemporary artist’s work is more important.”

- David Bonetti, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“One of the more interesting artists working in the gap between art and politics.”

- Roberta Smith, The New York Times

“ . . . it is Weems’s conviction that radicalism and beauty are complementary, not antithetical, that gives her work its distinctive edge.”

- Ernest Larson, Art in America

“. . . Weems positions herself as history’s ghost….”

- Nancy Princethal, Art In America

“Weems’s focus on masking and facades underscores the notion that social hierarchies result from a differential in relations of power, not birthright.”

- Susan Cahan, “Carrie Mae Weems: Reflecting Louisiana”

“Her work speaks to human experience and of the multiple aspects of individual identity, arriving at a deeper understanding of humanity.”

Mary Jane Jacobs, “Ritual and Revolution”